Hello Stranger Blog

Hello, Stranger.

Welcome to the place where I overshare on the internet. I like to talk about languages I can’t speak, sea kayaks, and other pretty things. Probably, I’m sweating on a marshutni somewhere.

Currently, this blog is being used to document my time in Peace Corps Armenia, the wonderful people I am meeting, places I am seeing, and that remarkable way that through language and patience we all become a little less strange.

Near Meghri, Armenia

Here, you can read about language and lack thereof, or what it feels like to restart completely,  or that moment when a new place becomes a home.

You can peruse my old trail guides and sea kayak the Great Lakes, hike in the Red River Gorge, snorkel in the USVI, or trek my favorite stomping grounds, the Apostle Islands.

There’s light satire about Pre-Service Training, and lists of all the embarrassing things I’ve done through out the year, and pictures of me trying to dig my car out of a snow bank I drove it into.

Some wonderful ex-strangers

The truth is that I honestly really like spilling my thoughts and feelings all over the internet. I’ve found that the more honest I am, the more people feel a little less alone, and strangers tend to become friends.

And I hope for you too, that you can have those moments when the world and the people in it all become a little less strange.

Wishing you all the best,