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I’m Maddy.


I’ve been writing since I was 8 and decided I needed a diary, and storytelling since I could talk. Now, I’ve written science, satire, and done interviews, as well as worked on a social media campaign for the Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners, Michigan .


I picked up DSLR camera for the first time when I broke my phone camera, and haven’t looked back since. I shoot both landscapes and adventure, portraits and events. Check out my work via my blog or Instagram.


Currently, I am in my fourth year at Michigan State University, studying Digital and Technical Writing and Cognitive Neuroscience, graduating in spring 2018.

Here at Michigan State, I’ve worked for two years as a peer writing mentor in Lyman Briggs College, where I help STEM freshman through their first year writing course. At the Michigan State Writing Center, I work as a Writing Consultant, helping freshman, doctoral students, and everyone and anyone in-between with their writing. Over the summer of 2017, I interned at the Kellogg Biological Station in Development and Communications, working with social media, blogs, and other forms of multimedia storytelling. I also worked as the Editor for the Neuroscience Ambassadors interview and blogging team in the College of Natural Science at Michigan State. Along with here, on this blog, you can follow my writing through The Black Sheep and Solve. Collaborate. Investigate, student satire and science magazines respectively.

What can I do for you?

  • Blog in science, travel, and university/college advice
  • Edit and revise both academic and nonacademic work
  • Produce images for social media
  • Photograph portraits or events
  • Create both style guides and content strategy documents (and explain what content strategy is, and why you need it)


Contact me at madelinmarquardt@gmail.com