August in Images

I’m one of those people who when they don’t have the time, or energy, for words, I can sometimes find it still for images. This August has meant working a lot, and sunburns, and sore shoulders, and never-ending boat repairs. Long day trips out into the Islands, big storms, going to bed early. Mornings in … More August in Images

Line of Sight

The thing about culture shock is I thought it would be over it by now. It’s been almost five months, that seems like enough time to completely get used to my home country. It hasn’t been.  And maybe part of that is because I left Armenia so quickly and suddenly and I know I haven’t … More Line of Sight

Different Alone: Post-Evacuation Readjustment and Quarantine

My local watering holes include Torch Lake and River, the Grass River and Lake Bellaire, and the small emerald water lake just down the hill. There’s a trail around back here, where you can walk out to the pond to watch the moon rise and look for owls, so long as you’re conscious of the … More Different Alone: Post-Evacuation Readjustment and Quarantine