Content Strategy

Content Strategy Document

The creation of a Content Strategy Document including a style guide and social media strategy for the Neuroscience Ambassadors at Michigan State University.


  • Create a comprehensive content strategy document including a style guide for the Michigan State University Neuroscience Ambassadors
  • Write content the content for the guide and collaborate with the editor/project manager also working on the project
  • Act as a liaison between the organization itself and the team creating the document


  • Producing a content strategy document that is easy to navigate and makes logical sense
  • Provide enough detail to answer potential questions about guidelines for content produced by the organization without the document becoming overwhelming
  • Organizing the content and guidelines already in place at the organization
  • Suggesting and implementing changes while respecting the organization administrators ideas


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 3.46.18 PM.png
A technique used to create hierarchy within the content strategy


The end result of the project was a 41 page content strategy document, with internal linking and clear sections, including a style guide and a section on social media strategy.


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